How about getting paid apps and games for absolutely free? If yes, Tutuapp is the name of the game. An immensely popular third-party app store is giving you so much that you won’t endeavor for more, once you got the app up and running on your device. Tutuapp is the freely available mobile app for Android and iOS compatible devices. And if you wish to use the app on your PC, you can do it too. Not to take the worry, we’ll be covering this here.

Tutuapp is the one such third-party app store that won’t charge you a single penny for giving away the wealth of premium applications. However, there is no uncertainty saying that we all prefer starving for free apps instead of spending the hard earned money buying them.

Not to mention, Tutuapp offering you those apps too which even Google Play Store and App Store won’t allow you getting hands on. Although, it contained almost all the popular apps that you would ever look for. Tutuapp is comprised of a truckload of features and perhaps, is the reason for the popularity of the app.

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If you are up for getting the treasure of freely available premium stuff, then stick around us.

Download Tutuapp For Free:

If you might are pondering that you can quickly get this app from Google Play store without getting your ass off then sorry to say you are missing entirely. As we already have outlined in the above section that it’s a third-party app store and thus, it’s quite apparent to be not available on Google play store and App store.

Therefore, you have to download the apk file of Tutuapp and then install it on your device. And not to worry about the apk file and the installing process, as this is something for which this entire post is dedicated to.

You know very often we don’t prefer allowing the third party apps to get access to our devices, because it comes with a risk. A risk of being malfunctioned, or it may be comprised of a virus that can easily breach your privacy. And we strongly recommend you to have that mentality installing any media file from unknown resources, as it will save you later from a lot of hassle.

However, when it comes to Tutuapp, it is arguably a reliable source for downloading paid apps and games for free. It certainly doesn’t hinder your other apps or services to work, unlike the other unknown source applications does. Initially, Tutuapp was the Chinese app store but lately, with the launch of its English version it entirely has dominated the competition.

The best thing users love about this astonishing app is, it allows you to get access to those apps too which aren’t even released for your geographical location yet. What else would one desire for? Just to let you know this is not the only feature Tutuapp has got into the bucket; instead, it comes with a plethora of cool features.

Though, we are going to list some of them below, have a look.

Requirements to Download TutuApp For Android
File Name:Tutuapp.apk
File Type:.APK
File Size:4.44 MB
Operating System:Android
Download Link:Apk Download

  • Giving away the full access to the treasure of paid apps and games for free is one of the most notable features of the Tutuapp.
  • Yet another the best features of the third party app store is it doesn’t require root access to Android or jailbreak on iOS devices.
  • Tutuapp is small in size. Thus, it won’t swallow up much of your storage.
  • The built-in cache and memory cleaners play a significant role in keeping your device free from trash and temporary files that otherwise could lead to lagging and slowdown of the processor.
  • It has the straightforward yet elegant user face that won’t let you face any problem while navigating through the app.
  • Tutuapp has three options given at the top including Best, Topic, and Wallpaper. It helps you sort down the category and type you are looking for.
  • You can also make your profile by clicking on the Profile icon in the left-right corner. In Personal Centre, you will get various options where you can check updates, view your collection, and customize the app using Settings option and a lot more to do.
  • It got a Search bar at the top of the interface, making the whole process more straightforward to address the ‘Recommended apps,’ ‘Recommended Games’, and ‘What’s Popular.’
  • Tutuapp has its own Download Management tab where you can check for the Download Tasks and Updates for the apps and games.
  • You can also sort the apps and games ranking by Global, selecting your desired country.
  • The one-click download is definitely going to fascinate you to a very extent.


  • The only demerit of the popular Tutuapp is showing irritating ads every now and then.

How to download Tutuapp for free?

As we have already transparent the fact above, why Tutuapp isn’t readily available on Google Play Store or any other traditional app store. And as for a reason, we are going to curate the whole process in a very effortless way that you won’t face any problem along the way downloading Tutuapp.

And here is how to do.

Note: On downloading the apk file, your system settings may prompt you a message that it can harm your device, and if you want to keep the apk file running anyway, just hit the OK button.



  • First of all, you need to click here and hit the Download button. And it will start downloading the app and would take adequate time depending on your internet speed.
  • Once the apk file gets downloaded, now you’ll be needed to install it.
  • Next, during installation, it asks if you want to allow the application to get access to some specific services, just tap the Install button.

Download TutuApp

  • Following the same, the app would get installed on your device.
  • And now you are all on your toe getting your hands on the wealth of premium apps and games for entirely free.

TutuApp Install

Note: You might get warned during the installation process taking place in Tutuapp store that whether you want to install unknown apps or not. All you need to do is toggle on the “Allow from this source,” and that’s it. And not to mention, it would be your deliberate action to allowing the app to get access to your device, we’ll not be responsible for any data breach if in case.


Furthermore, if you are an iOS user despite, the downloading process would be identical for you as well. However, you may get different prompt messages during the installation asking and taking permissions allowing the app to gain access, but it too can be handled readily. If you get any problem in this downloading process go to our website to download directly.

Download For iOS
PC users would be needed to download Blustacks (an Android emulator) prior to installing the apk file. Firstly, you have to download the Tutuapp apk file on your device, and then after using the Bluestacks’s Install apk option in the bottom right corner under My Apps, you can fetch the respected apk file from your PC and use the Tutuapp without any trouble.

Download For PC


Here we are concluding our post based on Tutuapp download, and we hope you found it really useful. We are assuming that by the time reading this you have successfully downloaded the app on your respected devices. You most likely would not get stuck installing the app, but if unfortunately, you undergo experiencing any issue, you can feel free to leave a comment down below to let us know that you need our help.

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