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Download Aptoide Apk for Android Devices

4.3 58 Aptoide apk is one of the third party Android store available in the market. This third-party Android app store gives you the ability to download and install premium games and apps for free. Not only you can download premium games and apps for free you can also get various modified apps and games from this store. Not only you can download various apps and games from this store, but you can also manage your own store and even upload your own apps into the store just like the official Android Google Play Store. But due to the Aptoide

iPastore for iOS : Download iPastore on iPhone/iPad With Jailbreaking

4.6 41 iPastore is basically the third-party store application available for Android devices. But remember that to install iPastore on iOS devices, you need to jailbreak your iPhone which is running on iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2. iPastore allows you to download various apps and games for free in all iOS devices. Most importantly you can also sign your own .ipa files with the help of iPastore for iOS devices. Basically, iPastore give the ability to download and install modified apps and tweaks in the jailbroken iOS devices. Although remember that you cannot install the iPastore if you are running

How to Download & install vShare Apk on Android

4.8 50 Many people face problems with traditional application stores. The hassles of paid apps and freezing of download are uncontrollable. To prevent you from experiencing such problems, vShare apk is there to help. It’s not like the Google Play store and App Store, but, it does the same work as they do. You can download applications and games. You can say that it is an alternative to traditional stores. Available on both iOS and Android, VShare provides free apps and games for all users. It consists of approximately thousands of apps developed by devs from the whole world. And,

Hipstore Apk : Download Latest Version of Apk for Android

4.0 66 What’s better than a service that keeps you updated with the smallest details? Nothing. And, if the same service keeps you updated with the latest apps and games in the market, it is definitely the one thing that every Android or iOS enthusiast wants. So, to provide you with the same, we present you with the latest version of a trustable, marvelous and entertaining store to download your apps or games, and that is HipStore. Hipstore Apk: Introduction Hipstore is somewhat different from the traditional app stores out in the market. The reason: Hipstore apk keeps you updated

Download Mobigenie Apk for Android Devices

5.0 23 Mobogenie is basically third-party store for downloading apps and games for Android devices. not only it provides a store for downloading various apps and devices, but also it is a multi-management program which manages various contents of Android devices. Mobogenie enables you to synchronize various Android devices with pc so that they can transfer files and contacts or even messages to the PC. Mobogenie similar to the iOS version of iTunes. Not only it’s a store and manages different contents of Android devices, but it can also backup and restore apps and games in your Android devices. Mobogenie

9Apps Apk: Download Latest Apk for Android

4.9 41 9apps is a free app store for your Android device. It has been downloaded more than 80,00,000 times and has a very pleasant user interface. It offers you more features than plays tore and doesn’t give an error when you have downloaded the 1GB application up to 99 percent. The apps are categorized into their respective categories so you don’t have to waste your time searching for a particular app of your choice. 9apps apk is lite in size only 5-10mb and works like a charm even on phones with 1gb ram. If you are looking for an